Some Anti-Theist Religious Bits & Pieces: Round Fourteen: Part One

Of all of those Big Questions axial to abstract concepts that beleaguer life, the cosmos and everything, the realms of canon and religions and the attributes of deities abide to fascinate. Opinions breed in books, articles, videos, conversations in confined and pubs, and in actuality anywhere and everywhere two or added bodies are in proximity. There’s the pro side; there’s the anti-side. There aren’t too abounding fence-sitters. I’m still in the anti-camp as the afterward $.25 and pieces illustrate.

Regarding Religion

*If you are religious but if you were not indoctrinated (i.e. – brainwashed) starting as a adolescent adolescent into your accepted religious acceptance system, again acquaint me with a beeline face that you, as a complete adult, afterwards any above-mentioned religious convictions, and afterwards any alien associate pressures, went arcade for your abandoned a lot of ambrosial casting of theology, and accepting begin same, adopted it. And bold you did the above, how do you now apperceive that you best the adapted one – bold that there is in actuality a adapted one out of the hundreds of variations on monotheism abandoned on tap?

*Having in altercation with a Christian is like arena chess with a pigeon. No amount how acceptable at chess you are the pigeon will just bits over the lath and strut about like they’ve won. [I apprehend this about but exact antecedent escapes me.]

Regarding Religion vs. Science

*I’ve been abreast that “There are aswell absorbing facts [in the Bible] in agreement of absolute and authentic accuracy”. My response: Is this like the authentic accurateness in the Bible that says that bats are in actuality birds; that ache is acquired by demons and angry spirits; that snakes / donkey can talk; that there’s a accord amid hair breadth and concrete strength; that abracadabra is authentic (water into wine); that there was a all-around flood – not; that you can actualize a woman from a macho rib; that the sun can angle still in the sky; that the Earth was created afore the Sun; that bodies can reside to be over 900 years old; that you can get abundant at 90; that there was an absolute abstinent birth; and of advance a Biblical favourite, Jonah and the ‘whale’ account – and that’s just abrading the apparent of authentic ‘accuracy’ in the Bible. And of advance the Bible is historically accurate, afterwards all it does acknowledgment Jericho and Egypt and Jerusalem, so acutely if these places are absolute actuality again aggregate in the Bible is historically accurate, at atomic according to Christian logic.

*I’ve been brought to assignment about the Biblical amount of Pi getting in fact 3.0. I’m told that “[T]he Bible never already speaks of pi.” This is true, but the abstracts by which you could account Pi could accept been a lot bigger had God, that airy abracadabra man in the sky agitated to adapt His own angelic book. In any event, if anyone can acquisition area to catechism one affair in any angelic book, including the Bible, and by god there are bags of ambiguous things therein, again Accurate Believers accept to be accessible absent abundant to catechism aggregate in their angelic book.

*Better to accept questions you can’t acknowledgment than answers you can’t question!

Regarding Acceptance & Belief

*I accept acceptance in those things I accept acceptance in.

*Faith is by analogue unprovable.

*True Believers may affirmation to accept absolute ‘knowledge’ that God exists as adjoin to just a amount of claimed acceptance or acceptance that God exists, but behindhand of the appellation used, Accurate Believers cannot back that ‘knowledge’ to me in such a way or anatomy that I can apart verify that ‘knowledge’ for myself. Therefore, their ‘knowledge’ is abandoned to me until such time as they can do just that. This inability; their abridgement to accord me ‘knowledge’ that I can apart verify, speaks volumes.

*Speaking of ‘knowledge’, I’ll accord Accurate Believers a believable acumen why they accept they accept ‘knowledge’ of God’s existence, the (near) accuracy of the Bible and in the absoluteness of a abnormal Jesus. It’s all because that was the canon that was accomplished in the ability / association / association / ancestors they were built-in and aloft into, although indoctrinated / brainwashed ability be added to the point and a added adapted term(s). Now Accurate Believers know, and I know, that had they been built-in and aloft in accession time and in accession abode their apostolic conduct would accept been acutely different. They’d bet the ancestors acreage on Ra, The Book of the Dead and on Horus. They’d accept acceptance in their ‘knowledge’ of the canon allotment and bindle of age-old Egypt and you readers apperceive this to be true.

*Just because Accurate Believers affirmation to accept some ‘knowledge’ of something (i.e. – God & Jesus) does not in and of itself; of necessity, accomplish that declared ‘knowledge’ correct. Abounding a getting has had ability that afterwards accepted wrong.

*You accept in God (or some added deity) and accept acceptance in God’s (or added deity’s) absolute existence. Alas, history is blowzy with at the time analytic (though I’m not assertive the God Hypothesis is a analytic one), but ultimately still apocryphal behavior and faiths. The accessible ones cover the Sun traveling about the Earth; the collapsed Earth; actuality be dragons, and should the Earth be a sphere, again acutely bodies will abatement off if they aberrate too far off from the vertical. But in addition, we had the ‘plum pudding’ archetypal of the atom (which morphed into the ‘solar system’ archetypal we apperceive today), we had the bogus canals on Mars; rockets than couldn’t plan in the exhaustion of space; the ‘fact’ that the beastly physique couldn’t bear velocities greater than 20 afar per hour; that the wireless (radio) had no applied use; at the a lot of the apple alone bare 2 or 3 computers; that amplitude flight was absolute bilge; bodies would never airing on the Moon; and the a-bomb wouldn’t work. Add to that assorted accepted beliefs, although not in fact disproved, are just not taken seriously, like Atlantis; astrometry and acceptable luck charms. To that I’d add God (or any added deity).

*It consistently seemed amoral to me that anyone could be denied conservancy not because of a moral failing, but because they artlessly disagreed about the affirmation for God. (via Michael Collett)

Regarding the End Times

*”The Bible is abounding of accomplished prophecy”, or so I’ve been told. I admiration if they beggarly something like the Second Coming that’s many, abounding centuries overdue.

Regarding Heaven & Hell

*Plate tectonics, sea-floor spreading, continental drift, alarm it what you will, all that geological action would appealing abundant abort the abstraction of an underground Hell. A absolute underground Hell would be appealing abundant ashamed out of absolute actuality in a adequately abbreviate aeon of time – geologically speaking. One acceptable convulsion or agitable access and it’s adieu Hell.

Regarding the Bible

*You can’t use what’s accounting in a book (like the Bible) to prove the accuracy of that book (like the Bible). You charge something that is alfresco of that book – absolute evidence.

*”[T]he Bible is something rather special” according to Accurate Christian Believers. But if you’re traveling to wax agreeable about your angelic book you’d bigger aboriginal appearance that all added angelic books are false. This Accurate Christian Believers accept not done. So, in case they weren’t already acquainted of the fact, their angelic book has lots of competition.

*Many say that “[T]he Bible contains no contradictions”. Angelic smoke, if you anticipate that again you just threw out the window whatever believability you had. There are absolute websites that account all of the Biblical contradictions (just do a Google search), of which from anamnesis there are over 600 of them (contradictions that is). For a abrupt overview…

- Genesis 1 contradicts Genesis 2. Was it animals created afore man (Genesis 1: 24-25) or was it man created afore the animals (Genesis 2: 7 – man; Genesis 2: 19 – animals)?

- In Noah’s Ark, was it 2 brace of every affectionate of beastly (Genesis 6: 19-20; Genesis 7: 9; and Genesis 7: 15) aboard, or was it 7 pairs (as accompanying in Genesis 7: 2-3)?

- Is the beastly lifespan to be almost 120 years (Genesis 6: 3) or is it to be ‘three account years and ten’ (Psalm 90: 10)?

- Compare and adverse the description of the Ark of the Covenant as accustomed in Exodus 25: 10-22 which was allegedly complete by Bezaleel (Exodus 37: 1 and Exodus 38: 22) with the description accustomed in Deuteronomy 10: 3 which allegedly Moses made! Then, alive to the New Testament you accept a multi-lingual description of the inscription of what Jesus was accustomed aloft his cross. According to John 19: 19-20 the acclimation was Hebrew, Greek again Latin. But according to Luke 23: 38 the acclimation was Greek, Latin again Hebrew. Truly I say unto you that acutely the Biblical larboard duke does not apperceive what the Biblical adapted duke is on about!

- 1 Kings 5: 16 vs. 2 Chronicles 2: 2: How abounding bodies did Solomon apply to baby-sit his workers? Was it 3,600 or was it 3,300?

- 2 Chronicles 9: 25 vs. 1 Kings 4: 26: How abounding stalls did Solomon accept for his horses and chariots? Was it 40,000 or was it 4,000?

- Acts 1: 18 vs. Matthew 27: 6-7: It’s not bright who purchased a field. Was it “this man” or was it the “chief priests”?

- Now here’s a bucking if anytime there was one. According to 1 Corinthians 7: 1, “It is acceptable for a man not to blow a woman” (i.e. – no sex)! A man can accept a wife and a woman can accept a husband, but no touching! That getting the case, how do you “be abounding and multiply” (Genesis 1: 28; Genesis 9: 1)?

- Here’s accession Biblical bucking for you. Who begat Joseph, bedmate of Mary? If you apprehend Matthew 1: 16, it was Jacob. In John 4: 5 it was Jacob. But Luke 3: 23 says it was Heli who fathered Joseph. Who knows? Who absolutely cares?

*The Bible is just an album of appealing abundant different mythologies. Accurate Believers absolutely aren’t demography actively or in fact I achievement a talking snake; Jonah’s ‘whale’ of a tale; Noah’s Ark; agent amid demons and disease; or the accord amid hair breadth and concrete backbone – or are they?

*Anyone can address words in a book. Just because I apprehend a book in breakthrough physics doesn’t accomplish breakthrough physics true, about abundant I ability accept the author. But I can go out and do the abstracts / observations (or watch the abstracts getting done) and argue myself that breakthrough physics is absolutely accurate as the book and antecedent stated. That’s absolute verification. To date, no one has done that with the Bible.

*Here’s a Biblical analogy: I actual afresh watched the 15 adventure TV miniseries on DVD “North & South” – before, during and afterwards the American Civil War. Now about all of the locations area the belief yield abode in actuality exist. Abounding of the contest (i.e. – Civil War battles; Lincoln’s assassination, Harper’s Ferry, etc.) in actuality happened. Some of the acknowledging casting played absolutely absolute absolute characters like General Lee and General Grant and President Lincoln, etc. However, a few of the places, abounding of the events, and all of the above characters were absolutely fabricated up. Thus, “North & South” is a plan of absolute fiction so just because one abode / accident / appearance was absolute doesn’t construe into the absolute miniseries getting something a top academy apprentice could watch in alertness for an American history exam.

*I’ve been told that “[T]he Bible all credibility at a axial affair all throughout.” Yes it does. The axial affair consists of Godly crimes adjoin humanity.